Book 2: Agent

p.98: same as the other two in the Liden language -> Jeid language
p.137: stong -> strong
p.138: Itho -> Ithno
p.143: Nali's slowly -> Nali slowly
p.154: Silni look stared -> Silni stared
p.174: Itho -> Ithno

Book 3: Entity

p.18: Harlon's -> Herlon's
p.23: spying on the Jikek -> spying on the Liden
p.34: Itho's -> Ithno's
p.36: for off -> far off
p.66: langa -> langua
p.52: stringing -> straining
p.67: they got off the bus and walked -> They walked
p.65: "conversation he had just had with Lanoth," -> Beif
p.65: Merliz's heat -> head
p.76: The second thing I saw -> the other thing was
p.78: work -> word
p.79: Cenetral -> Centraln
p.92: office -> officer
p.93: the went -> they went
p.119: Interactif -> Dumatain
p.124: right and -> right hand
p.125: out travel -> our travel
p.143: Rachel knelt beside Martin and felt Jenny's head ->
p.149: avoid the border Jeid side -> avoid the Jeid side
p.152: Hey may -> He may
p.160: front stairs -> front of stairs
p.170: Ludwig -> Konrad
p.181: Nail -> Nali
p.183: They were dressed -> They are dressed
p.189: river the -> river that
p.191: Ranesh -> Ramesh
p.199: rowed, -> Herlon rowed
p.208: pink -> gray
p.209: even worse the -> even worse than the
p.210: beating rapidly and irregularly, his heart was beating rapidly -> beating rapidly and irregularly
p.212: Martin's
-> Martin
: I put you -> I will put you