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Book 1: Intelligence

(Kindle ebook or paperpack available)

Release: 25 October 2022

Description: Martin secretly built an intelligent artificial assistant to help him with his research. When he finds out that his assistant had also been helping an international company construct the most realistic virtual world ever made, Martin is thrown into the limelight as he becomes an influential part of a project to evaluate AI systemsincluding his assistantso they can join society. As opponents try to use his daughter's illness as leverage to end his involvement in the project, Martin learns that the treatment for his daughter may only be found in the virtual world itself.

Book 2: Agent

(Kindle ebook or paperpack available)

Release: 3 November 2022

Description: Being accepted into the prestigious Edthin has long been Lanoth's dream because he wanted to promote peace between the warring nations surrounding his people, but Edthin wasn't quite what he expected. Lanoth and his new friends start noticing strange things that allow them to have unique abilities and, before long, they realize that they might be the only ones who could stop an imminent genocide.

Book 3: Entity

(Kindle ebook or paperpack available)

Release: 7 November 2022

Description: As Lanoth and his friends venture deep into enemy territory to try and save their friend, Lanoth begins to understand his role is not only to prevent genocide, but something so far reaching that it could affect everyone. Meanwhile, in the real world, Martin wakes up from an accident to find a shaken memory and a deathly sick daughter, her only chance for treatment is dependent on whether or not Lanoth can pull off something that seems impossible.

We have found some errors in The Sendai Test: Agent and The Sendai Test: Entity have since been fixed. If you have the eBook on Kindle, you should automatically receive the updated versions.

The Sendai Test Trilogy

(Kindle ebook or paperpack available)

About the Author

Casey Kennington is an Associate Professor at Boise State University where he researches how machines can acquire, represent, understand, and apply natural human language to improve spoken interaction with people. He enjoys reading, running, cycling, hiking, exploring, and studying languages. He resides with his family in Idaho.

"I wrote The Sendai Test because I've found that I often have a different perspective on AI than most other researchers and practitioners. Writing about fictional characters does a better job of explaining that perspective than writing an academic book. The medium and the content both illustrate how miraculous language really is."

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